About Us

Wired Productions & Black Razor Records

For over 15 years Wired Productions has licensed and created thousands of songs for multi-million-selling games like The Voice, We Sing, Avicii, Motörhead and many more.

Soundtracks from Wired games have released both digitally and physically, with hand-crafted limited edition Vinyl collector albums sold globally. There is a passion for music, an ear for quality and a desire to do things differently… the Wired way.

Black Razor Records is a natural evolution based on this experience and a desire to push the boundaries of music and games.

Black Razor Records aims to bridge the gap between the video game and music worlds and to provide music creators a platform to showcase and commercialise their talent. All music originates from video games, whether in-game or for promotional purposes. By collaborating with great writers and producers, the loadout is complete.

Music is in the DNA. Game on!