Arcade Paradise EP

Arcade Paradise EP

Genre : Indie Rock/Rap & Funk/Electro (Remix)
Released Date : 22 / Sep / 2022
  1. Arcade Paradise – Preview

Arcade Paradise

Taken from the critically acclaimed game of the same name – The Arcade Paradise EP is out now and available to stream on your platform of choice, or to purchase from Bandcamp, where all funds raised will be donated to the Mental Health charity Safe In Our World

Arcade Paradise is the awakening of the self, the rejection of unrealistic expectations and the manifestation of your own destiny.

Arcade Paradise Offical Music Video

Ivar & The Horde

Hailing from the furthest corners of the USA and colliding as kids in the backstreets of Grindstone; these disenchanted souls, united through the allure of Norse mythology, hip-hop & heavy rock, found solace and a euphoric release through creating a noise and voice for generations XYZ and beyond.

Smashing together different styles of sonic energy, and assuming new identities; Ivar “The Boneless” vents at the system and inherent dysfunction, as The Horde (Freya – guitar, Torvi – drums & Mikaela – bass) rip up the rule book and inject anger into grooves straight from Valhalla…


Lead Singer: Ivar “The Boneless” Horde a.k.a. Stu Brootal
Written by: Lyrics by Stu Brootal and Kieron Pepper
Produced By: Produced by Kieron Pepper and Ben Pickersgill
Mastered by: Mastered by Bob Macc | Subvert Mastering

© Black Razor Records. Published by Wired Productions.

Arcade Paradise – Preview // Ivar & The Horde - Arcade Paradise EP
  1. Arcade Paradise – Preview // Ivar & The Horde - Arcade Paradise EP