Broken Walls (Charity Single)

With its fast-paced, energetic tempo and rapid-fire lyrics, “Broken Walls” urges listeners to question the violent decisions people make especially in times of war. Ivar & The Horde’s vocals are a mix of rap and spoken word, delivered with emotional intensity. The production of the song is a combination of studio and electronic production techniques while the song’s instrumentation is a combination of programmed beats, live takes of bass and guitar, and sounds that add sonic references, following Ivar & The Horde’s love affair with Rage Against the Machine.

Set apart by its unique blend of genres and its raw, organic intensity, ‘Broken Walls’ is a powerful and thought-provoking track, reflecting Ivar & The Horde’s personal experiences and their desire for reconciliation and harmony in a world that is full of chaos and distortion.

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Arcade Paradise EP

A disinterested parent with zero confidence or interest in his kid, hands them the keys to the laundromat with one request… “Don’t mess it up!”.

This nonchalant, verbal clip around the ear creates a great motivation and drive for Ashley to show their pops exactly what they are made of. We have all been there, and we have all experienced this at some point in our lives.

Fired up, determined and showing just what can be done with the right focus… Stu Brootal and his crew smashes it out of the park with the right level of anger and energy, and matches the story with a true believable performance that can only be described as inspirational.

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