The year is 1993: a plethora of trends are taking shape. From skaters to ravers, the early 90s era had it all, and then there were the sticky arcade carpets. Smoke-filled rooms lined with ashtrays, and vibrant-coloured drinks, the Arcades delivered high-score and high-octane thrills.

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 Inspired by this, Nosebleed Interactive, the developers of Arcade Paradise began a journey of remembering these times of flicking CRT monitors and spending far too much money on ‘just one more game’.

Nothing recalls the era like the sounds and music, but it would take something magical and radical to capture that spirit. That's what we have done. Avid listeners will be transported to the early 90s in which the game is set, a true love letter to when arcades ruled the world.

The Arcade Paradise Soundtrack features electrifying music by writer and producer Kieron Pepper (ex-Prodigy live drummer, 1997-2007) and Ben Pickersgill (ex-member of drum & bass crew Klax, and is currently working as an audio designer with credits on upcoming games such as ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ and Arkane’s ‘Redfall’.) . Mastered by Bob Macc / Subvert, produced by Video Games Music Label, Black Razor Records. Featuring original 8-bit illustrated album artwork by David Sossella.

The Arcade Paradise Double Vinyl soundtrack is also available to purchase now from the Wired Productions Amazon store or direct via our website!

September 01, 2022