Music has always been in the DNA of Wired Productions, so setting up a music label was a natural step for us. As we are independent we choose the projects we work on, so our first release combined our favourite things… video games, great music and supporting a video game mental health charity close to our hearts. This themes will expand and grow - we're excited to share more soon!



Arcade Paradise EP

This nonchalant, verbal clip around the ear creates a great motivation and drive for Ashley to show their pops exactly what they are made of. We have all been there, and we have all experienced this at some point in our lives. Fired up, determined and showing just what can be done with the right focus… Stu Brootal and his crew smash it out of the park with the right level of anger and energy with an unbelievable performance that can only be described as inspirational.

Broken Walls

With its fast-paced, energetic tempo and rapid-fire lyrics, “Broken Walls” urges listeners to question the violent decisions people make especially in times of war. Ivar & The Horde’s vocals are a mix of rap and spoken word, delivered with emotional intensity. The production of the song is a combination of studio and electronic production techniques while the song’s instrumentation is a combination of programmed beats, live takes of bass and guitar, and sounds that add sonic references, following Ivar & The Horde’s love affair with Rage Against the Machine.

Toy Soliders

To celebrate the launch of Tin Hearts, Artists Aisha Vaughan and Kieron Pepper collaborated with Black Razor Records, the indie music label founded by Wired Productions, to create a cover of iconic and classic Toy Soldiers by Martika. This beautiful track perfectly encapsulates the emotion of Tin Hearts, winner of the ‘Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Game’ accolade during Gamescom 2022. Launching November the 17th.

Toy Soldiers


Part of the Black Razor Records Family


Kieron Pepper is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, known primarily for his work as the first live drummer for The Prodigy (1997-2007) and subsequently as a member of The Radiophonic Workshop, bass player for Brit Pop legends Sleeper and co-writer/producer for a variety of acts from Wargasm (UK) to Alabama 3. In between these passions he is the Director of Artist Development at WaterBear College of Music, mentoring new artists, bands and producers


The prodigal son returning to the UK motherland from his teenage years in Texas, already has a strong catalogue of self-released albums under his belt; honestly chronicling the highs and lows of his journey so far, through exquisitely executed hip-hop flows and self-produced beats. After teaming up with Kieron Pepper (ex-Prodigy drummer, Wargasm co-producer) for the BaseFace release ‘Lotus’, the door opened up to some stellar collaborations with Future Funk Squad, championed by The Crystal Method, and various compositions within the gaming world. Stu is currently in the laboratory cooking up a new album, as well as running his own tattoo temple.


Aisha Vaughan is a singer/composer and producer currently based in Elan Valley, Wales. Influenced by Sci-fi, Fantasy and Science, Aisha creates a musical landscape that is unique, dark and beautiful. Piano, Harp and electronic synth textures suffused with organic elements and powerful vocals creates music that is inspiring, soulful and masterfully arranged.