Tunepical Magazine:

"I am genuinely impressed by how masterfully you've bridged the gap between rock and rap. Your unique take on the genre is not only captivating but also incredibly powerful in delivering your anti-war message. The music video perfectly captures the essence of the track, and its visual storytelling adds another layer of depth to the experience.

Your collaboration with Black Razor Records and War Child is inspiring, and I wholeheartedly support your efforts to raise funds for the children affected by the war in Ukraine. It's refreshing to see artists using their platform for such a meaningful cause. I'm so moved by your work that I'll be sharing "Broken Walls" on my Instagram, spreading the word about your impactful music and the critical message it carries. Keep up the excellent work"

Rádio Alternativa Rock (Brazil):

"We love it, amazing, very good. Great chorus, good rhythm, good melody, great riffs. Exciting, high energy.

High quality, great vocals, great lyrics, the recording and production are excellent, everything is perfect.

Songs like yours make us believe and keep playing independent artists"

Theocide Records:

"WOW! This is really outstanding! Great production and performance, you sound so big!"


"Great songwriting and sound production. We'll feature "Broken Walls" on the Thriller Hot 100 playlist, and later move it to one of our radio playlists."

New Sound Fan:

"A track countering the aggressive stupidity of war. I really enjoyed this song, I loved your sharp lyricism as well. I'd like to share this to the Radio Drive playlist. Thanks for sharing, feel free to share this to your socials!"

Artisti Online:

"The track "Broken Walls" has a powerful and effective groove that goes straight to the stomach. A beautiful electronic and modern rock / hip hop, with attention to the smallest details. The sounds of the arrangement have been carefully chosen and both the recording and the mix and master are highly professional. 

Charismatic voice and gifted with great technique, makes everything very believable. Particular mention for the video clip that keeps you glued to the screen giving a hypnotic sense together with the audio."

April 01, 2023