If you have been lucky enough to pick up The Falconeer Double vinyl. One of the things you will notice is the stunning bespoke artwork on the Cover, Inner gatefold, and back cover.

We asked the artist. Haley Wakefield gives us a little insight into how she creates such images.

“This project allowed me real creative freedom. To come up with the illustration concepts, I got to explore the game world and find the moments that struck a chord with me personally. I honed in on the most exhilarating part of the game for the cover: soaring without fear straight into the lightning storm, atop the massive falcon that gives the game its name, collecting fantastic bursts of electricity. The dramatic lighting, the brilliant colors, and the swirling mass of clouds looming behind the rider are everything that I love to paint. And for the interior and back cover, we get a taste of the vast breadth of the game.

There are so many different locations and atmospheres and realms to explore. I wanted these pieces to give the viewer that nervous excitement you feel in the game when you discover a new place and descend into unknown territory.

I’m always inspired by really “painterly” art, where you can see thick swirls of paint, the texture of the canvas, and the bristles of the brushes. When you can really SEE the medium itself, you glimpse the effort and the emotion of the artist behind the art. Smooth, hyper-realistic art just doesn’t do it for me. It’s the tactile pieces that stir something inside.

I paint mostly digitally these days, but I think you can see my love for traditional painting very clearly in my work. The illustrations I did for the Falconeer are brimming with bold daubs of color and dreamy swirls of the palette knife. I wanted fans to get butterflies in their stomach like they’re diving at top speed toward the sea when they view this soundtrack, with a rush of adrenaline and a burst of unbridled joy.”

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May 05, 2022